Date: 21-Oct-2015

Zelan logoIt was reported that Zelan Construction Sdn Bhd and and ICOP Construction (M) Sdn Bhd have secured a RM96.99mil sub-contract for the Sungai Langat centralised sewage treatment plant.

It said on Wednesday the job was awarded by MMC-Sumitomo Consortium for the sewerage conveyance system for the sewage treatment plant and pipes for the water catchment area.

Zelan and ICOP will perform the sub-contract works on a joint venture basis through an entity to be incorporated.

It added the sub-contract works involve the construction and completion of approximately 16.6 km of pipe jacking in various sizes and shafts for jacking and receiving pit in various sizes and depths.

The completion date was 26 months from the date for possession of the site to be notified by the contractor.

MMC Corporation Bhd holds a 39.25% direct equity interest in the company.

Side note: ICOP Construction Sdn Bhd has the expertise from an Italian firm, I.C.O.P SPA, which is the leader in micro tunnelling. Micro tunnelling allows pipes to be automatically installed without digging open trenches and without employing manpower inside the tunnel.