Date:  03-Nov-2015

sekinchan_building_under_construction_collapseIt was reported that a four-storey building under construction collapsed in Sekinchan, but luckily no one was injured during the evening incident.

Sekinchan Fire and Rescue Department station operations chief Mohd Fadhil Ahmad said that officers were called to Jalan Gereja in Pekan Sekinchan at about 6.51pm Tuesday, and they found that the planned shoplot had completely collapsed to the ground.

Officers said fire was not the cause of the structural failure and the weather in the area had been fair all day.

“There hasn’t been any rain in Sekinchan today. The workers here noticed the building was becoming unstable and left before it collapsed. We are still investigating what could have caused this,” Mohd Fadhil said.

The construction site was cleared at about 9pm. A firetruck and nine firemen were deployed for the clean up operation.