Date: 30-May-2021

All construction works are not allowed to operate throughout the first phase lockdown from June 1, except those listed as being critical services.

datuk fadillah yusofSenior Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said the critical services involves infrastructure repairs at hospitals, traffic lights, MRT, LRT and Komuter railway tracks. It also includes highway projects which are more than 80 per cent complete at hill-slopes, tunnels, bridges and viaducts.

He said repair works at public facilities that may pose a severe threat to public safety or cause inconvenience, such as elevator maintenance, pest control at construction sites and construction at individual homes or residential property would also be allowed to operate during this period with approval from Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).


“Contractors who fit the bill must provide the necessary project details and information to CIDB and reapply for a fresh approval from them.”

Fadillah said the old approval documentation was no longer valid, thus contractors must apply for the new CIDB approval via the website to operate between June 1 and June 14.

“The CIDB approval may also be used as an authorisation for work-related travel during the two weeks,” Fadillah said.

He said workers at these permitted construction sites will be allowed to work according to the usual hours but at a 60 per cent working capacity.

“All construction site workers, both locals and foreigners, must undergo Covid-19 detection daily before starting work and contractors are to provide transportation for the workers to and from their accommodations and construction site.

“This is to ensure there’s control of the workers’ movement in and out of the construction site while minimising the risk of transmission to the local community,” he said.

Throughout the lockdown period, he said construction workers were also not allowed to shift from one construction site to another, to prevent any possible spread of the coronavirus infection.

“Contractors are advised to appoint a Safety and Health officer and a project supervising officer to be responsible for the workers SOP compliance at construction sites throughout the period,” he said, adding that CIDB will also enhance monitoring and enforcement, including shutting down any construction site which failed to comply with the SOPs.

Contractors may also obtain the detailed Construction sector’s SOPs from